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Rocks Should Be Fun which is why we created Your New Happy Place Online where Rocks, Crystals, and Minerals, Deigner Cabochons, and Geology will make you smile over and over again!

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Palmstones & Gallets

Palmstones and Gallets from a variety of precious gems, minerls, and crystals.... 

Crystal Grids

Crystal Grids are the perfect way to get started in or expand... 

Geology Classes & Fun!

  • The Crystal Festival

    We host The Crystal Festival in Utah several times a year! This upbeat and family-friendly Rock, Mineral, Gem, and Crystal Show is a rockhounder's dream come true! Featuring local rockhounding groups, miners, lapidary artists, jewelry artists, and mineral collectors it is the perfect way to network and get started rockhounding! Find out more here...

  • Geology Classes

    Hello! My name is Adrienne McElwain and I am The Crystal Barista. I absolutly LOVE teaching geology classes both online and in-person! Online I teach 10 Week Geology Courses throughout the school year, and in-person I teach at several homeschool co-ops including OWLs, Connect-Ed, and in conjunction wtih My Tech High. Sign up for classes now.

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    Our philosphy is simple: Rocks Should Be Fun! If they aren't we are not doing our job correctly! Have fun shopping on our website at www.CrystalBarista.com or on our Facebook Sales at www.Facebook.com/TheCrystalBarista

    Enjoy the online rockhounding experience and then sit back & relax while we pack your crystals with care.

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