Stardust: The Story of a Star Ruby

Star Ruby Mineral

Star Rubies are a type of gemstone with a star-shaped inclusion in the center. The star shape is also known as "asterism" - which in astronomy is defined as a prominent pattern of stars that don't quite form a constellation - and is caused by light reflecting off different planes within the crystal. Similar star-shaped patterns can also be seen within star sapphires, star garnets, and star emeralds. Because of this notable characteristic, these type of gemstones have been called "star stones" since ancient times.

In addition to being beautiful, star ruby gemstones have been associated with good luck for centuries! In fact, many believe that if worn on the ring finger of your right hand, a star ruby will bring prosperity and happiness in life. It's a small wonder this kind of ruby is such a popular choice in a variety of jewelry. If you're looking for a special piece of jewelry, consider investing in a star ruby gemstone! You won't be disappointed.


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