• Stardust: The Story of a Star Ruby

    Star rubies have been around for centuries and are still as popular today as ever. Their star-shaped inclusion is unique and beautiful, and they are known to bring good luck to their owners.
  • "Blue Halite" - Phenomenal Optical Illusion of Blue

    Blue Halite displays an illusion of Blue color which arises from the lattice disorder within the crystalline structure induced by Potassium ions. In reality, the crystal is colorless; it is the bending and reflecting of light that creates this illusion of Blue.
  • Homeschool Geology Classes

    šŸš€ Summer Geology Classes Coming Soon....Ā  Pick & Choose Your Own Class Schedule FREE CLASSES Each Kit Class Has either an Optional or Requi...
  • The Crystal Festival

    The Crystal Festival ABOUT THE CRYSTAL FESTIVAL The Crystal FestivalĀ at Davis Conference CenterĀ  1651 N 700, Layton, UT 84041FREE PARKING -...