Titanium Aura Quartz - Crystal Cluster

Titanium Aura Quartz - Crystal Cluster

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Titanium Aura Quartz Cluster 
Size: 2.25" 
From: Brazil 
Special Note: Dark green with rainbows, polished crystal. 

About Aura/Titanium Quartz: Both Aura and Titanium Quartz are open to being programmed with any message you care to share. There are a variety of names and terms for this very special type of Quartz including: 

White: Angelic Quartz which is white or clear with a rainbow sheen over it that shines like a rainbow in the light. The metal vaper over this Quartz is a combination of platinum and/or silver. Used as an intention stone, and embued with your personal intentions and needs. 

Pink: Sometimes called Fairy Quartz, Pink Aura Quartz, or Rose Aura Quartz. This Quartz is made with Platinum Vapers adhered to the surface and is used for its whimsical energies and understanding of your spiritual purpose. 

Red: Fire Aura, Red Aura, Blood Aura, Dragon Aura. This Red Aura Quartz is made with Titanium and Niobium, and brings balance to the heart offering both wisdom and desires an equal place. A heavier Aura Quartz with a more serious tone. 

Yellow: Sunshine Aura, Sunny Aura, Yellow Aura, and Xanthe Aura Quartz. This stunning yellow aura quartz is a combination of a natural quartz crystal and Iron vapers. It is said to repel unwanted emotions, brighten energies, and increase motivation. 

Orange: Tangerine Aura, Phenoux Aura, Champaign Aura, Orange Aura, sometimes called Sun Aura or Sunset Aura. This deeper yellow or orange aura quartz is made using Gold and Iron vapers and is used to stimulate chi and awaken your child-like spirit, releasing those who hold it to be free. 

Green: Green Siberian Aura, Apple Aura, or Green Dragon Aura quartz is made with Nickle vapers sometimes mixed with Gold vapers to increase the intense colors. This Aura Quartz brings a positive outlook with it everywhere it goes and is said to lighten the mood of a room, increase positivity and shine light where only darkness is felt.  

Blue: The lighter blue is called Angel Aura Quartz and is a vaper of gold, indium, and sometimes Niobium combination and is known as a "Master Healer". The darker blue is called Cobalt Quartz and is a vaper coating of Cobalt. 

Purple: Called Mermaid Quartz, Amethyst Aura, and Purple Aura or Haze Aura. Made with Platinum, Magnesium, and Silver. This joyful Quartz is made with Gold and Iron vapers ad is believed to stop negativity and create a peaceful calm bubble around it. 

Titanium Quartz: This Quartz is "Black" or dark rainbow and is usually opaque. Made with Titanium this often has a deep blue or black sheen to it. Called the stone of Universal Light or Universal Understanding.