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Blooming Quartz on Blue Backing Intarsia - Cabochon

Blooming Quartz on Blue Backing Intarsia - Cabochon

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Blooming Quartz on Blue Backing Intarsia Cabochon 
From: Indonesia 
Size: 31mm Tall 

About Blooming Quartz: Blooming (Sometimes called flowering Quartz) assists one in blossoming into their full potential. This stunning Quartz encourages those who hold it to chase their dreams and live their full potential. 

What does Intarsia mean? 
Intarsia is when one or more stones are fused together, often with a backing to stabilize them and make them strong and easy to set or wire wrap. These unique Intarsia cabochons consist of Blooming Quartz (clear) on a blue backing to create a stunning art piece. 


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