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Bubbling Azurite with Malachite on Top - Mineral Specimen

Bubbling Azurite with Malachite on Top - Mineral Specimen

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Bubbling Azurite with Malachite on Top 
From: Arizona 
Size: 5.5" x 4" 

About Azurite: Azurite is a blue copper mineral. Azurite can come in any shade of blue from a powder baby blue to a deep blue almost black Azurite can be found in massive crystalline formations, round concretions called berries, bubbling formations, or occasionally crystals. There are over 40 formations of Azurite currently known to exist. Azurite can be found anywhere copper forms. 

About Malachite: Malachite is a vibrant green semi-precious gemstone that is highly valued for its striking appearance. It is a copper carbonate mineral that comes in various shades of green, ranging from light green to dark green, and often exhibits banding patterns or concentric rings[1]. The unique patterns and rich color make malachite a sought-after gemstone for jewelry and decorative objects.

Besides its aesthetic beauty, malachite is believed to have various metaphysical and healing properties. It is often associated with transformation, protection, and emotional healing. Many people consider malachite as a stone of positive energy, promoting growth, abundance, and spiritual development[2]. It is also said to absorb negative energy from the surrounding environment and help balance emotions, bringing about a sense of calm and harmony[2].

In terms of its uses, malachite has been used since ancient times for decorative purposes, such as in jewelry, amulets, and sculptures. Its striking appearance and symbolic significance make it a popular choice for those seeking to incorporate its energy into their lives or adornments.


Gemological Institute of America - Malachite

Crystal Vaults - Malachite Healing Properties, Meanings, and Uses


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