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Breaking The Social Media Habbit - 6” Crystal Grid

Breaking The Social Media Habbit - 6” Crystal Grid

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- 1 Crystal Healing Grid 6” 
- 1 Redhorn Coral 
- 2 Sphene 

- 3 Sunstone 
- 3 Peridot 

- 3 Morganite 

Creating a crystal grid with Sunstone, Peridot, Sphene, Morganite, and Red Horn Coral can be a harmonious and vibrant way to amplify your intentions. Sunstone brings warmth, positivity, and vitality, making it an excellent crystal for manifestation and success. Peridot is associated with abundance and prosperity, while also promoting healing and growth. Sphene is a powerful crystal that enhances intuition, creativity, and spiritual growth. Red Horn Coral, with its grounding and protective properties, adds stability and balance to the grid. When trying to fill your time with positivity and avoid the negative of social media behind this grid will support focusing on your own offline projects, finishing tasks, Completing goals, feeling good about your own life, and not comparing. I also carefully crafted this grid to support not needing to social shop online, acquiring unneeded items simply due to the habit of social shopping. 

As you arrange the crystals, trust your intuition and let your creativity guide you. Set your intention for new beginnings and visualize the energy of the crystals working together to support and manifest your goals. Regularly cleanse and charge the crystals to maintain their energetic properties. Allow yourself to connect with the crystal grid, meditate, and embrace the energy of tourmaline as it assists you in your journey towards new beginnings.

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