ūüöÄ 2022/2023 Homeschool Geology Course is Now Open For Enrollment! 

Now offering a 10-Week 

Geology Course

Each Kit Class an EDUCATIONAL KIT 

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This is a full practical geology course! We will cover rocks, minerals, and fossils. How we use rocks and minerals everyday, rocks and minerals we eat and deadly rocks and minerals. We will cover some of Utah's history, mining history, and mining urban legends. This course is designed to engage kids and adults (if parents want to sit in) to learn and ENJOY geology! Once you sign up you will get a link to a google classroom, and an invoice. Invoices are due upon receipt. I have a limit of 35 students per track so that I can answer questions. Students are encouraged to talk, engaged and ask questions please make sure they have access to a mic (they can type into chat if they do not have a mic). Class will meet Thursday mornings but we will have a classroom discussion going all week!

I do not strictly enforce and age group for this class, however, due to the vocabulary and experiments my recommended age range is 8-18. That being said I have had children as young as 5 enjoy these classes (I have also had some feel overwhelmed so please judge your student's interest).

Al-La-Cart Winter Schedule! 

What's Included:

There will be a kit of rocks, minerals, fossils, and geology tools, and workbooks and pages including fun things like rocks you can taste, a UV light, pocket microscope, geodes to break open and more! The core kit has sharable resources and each additional student in the same family will get some of the unique kit pieces they need for their own use to follow along. If you want separate core kits for each student there is a place to add the full kit at the bottom. ***Kits will arrive the week before your class!***

These kits are not your standard educational kits! I include things like Kaolinite (the main clay making up Wendy's Frosties), Gemstones such as Rubies, Fluorescent Samples, a UV Light, and much much more! Example of the kit week by week: Week 1 will include 3 Sedimentary Rocks, 3 Igneous, 3 Metamorphic, 3 Minerals and a pocket microscope! Week 3 will include 12 Fossils (This week's kit alone is worth over $100!!!) with Ammonite, Orthosceras, Sharks Teeth, Fossil Shells, and Amber! Week 4 will include Kaolinite, rock salt, potosh, Feldspar, Selenite, and more minerals we use everyday! Week 6 will include 8 Fluorescent stones and a UV (Black) Light! Although week 8s kit only includes 8 incredibly fluorescent stones kids will find that other stones from other week's kits also fluoresce. These are just some quick examples! 


I arrange rockhounding trips for families of my students! If you would like to get to join us for FREE rockhounding trips they are FREE! Come rockhounding with us and learn even more about geology while collecting rocks! ***SIGN UP FOR THE HALLOWEEN ROCKHOUNDING TRIP HERE***


I run the Crystal Festival in Layton annually the next one is November 5th and 6th. Children enrolled as students in these classes (any track) will get free passes to the Kid's Corner Activities at The Crystal Festival!

Winter Schedule:

Rocks, Minerals,& The Rock Cycle - October 20th 

All About Fossils - October 27th 

How We Use Minerals In Our Everyday Lives - November 10th 

Deadliest Minerals - November 17th 

All About Geodes - December 15th 

Fluorescent Minerals & Fossils - December 22nd

Misbehaving Minerals (Minerals that do not follow the rules) - January 5th 

History of Gemstones & Why They Are Important - February 9th 

All About Quartz - February 16th 

There are three tracks, each track is the same set of classes:

Track 1 - August 4th through October 6th *Prefect back to school track!*

Track 2 - October 13th through January 19th

Track 3 - January 26th through March 30th

Each class is taught at 9am MST on Thursday and lasts 45 minutes. You do not have to be in Utah to take my classes just please convert the time to make sure you know when they are. I have a limit of 35 students per track so that I can answer questions. 

Q&A About Geology Classes 

Q. What is the Target Age? 
A. I recommend ages 8-18 for these classes due to the topics and vocabulary. That being said I have had children as young as 5 absolutely love being in these classes. I do not enforce an age.

Q. What Times are These Classes? 
A. The Classes are held from 9am to 9:45am MT! If you are not in Mountain Time please plan accordingly. 

Q. When will kits ship? 
A. The week before your classes. 

Q. Can my children share a kit? 
A. Each child needs a kit, however, only the first child in a family needs the FULL KIT. Many aspects of each kit can be shared that is why I have supplemental kits as an option.

Q. Is this course reimbursable through MTH or Harmony? 

A. Yes. I have had no issues with students getting this course reimbursed through either. I send a full receipt with all necessary information on it to have the course reimbursed. 

Keep in Touch for Future Classes & More!

Fall Field Trips & Rockhounding Coming Soon... 

Teacher: Adrienne McElwain 

 801-989-6926 (Cell) and Piratezeta@gmail.com (Personal Email) 

1215 Henderson Drive Ogden, UT 84404