Homeschool Geology Classes

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Each Kit Class Has either an Optional or Required Kit 

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These classes are taught over Google Classroom/Meets online. The classes are FREE! The accompanying kits are $25-$50 which greatly enhance the classes! 

Target Age Range: 8-18 (I have had kids as young as 5 enjoy the classes. 

Storytime Class Age Range: 3-12

Each class is 30-45 minutes long with time for questions and answers. 

***Summer Geology Classes Coming Soon***

Q&A About Geology Classes 

Q. What is the Target Age? 
A. I recommend ages 8-18 for these classes due to the topics and vocabulary. That being said I have had children as young as 5 absolutely love being in these classes. 

Q. What Times are These Classes? 
A. The Classes are held from 9am to 10am MT! If you are not in Mountain Time please plan accordingly. 

Q. When will kits ship? 
A. The week before your classes. 

Q. Are the kits needed for the class? 
A. While only the Geodes kit and Crystal Growing kit are required, we use the kits in every single class. We pull them out and use them to help interact and understand the material so they are highly recommended. 

Q. Can my children share a kit? 
A. Yes! Many children like to have their own supplies, especially shiny rocks, minerals, and fossils that they can keep. But they most certainly can share a kit for the class with the exception of the 2 classes that require a kit. 

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Fall Field Trips & Rockhounding Coming Soon... 

Teacher: Adrienne McElwain 

 801-989-6926 (Cell) and (Personal Email) 

1215 Henderson Drive Ogden, UT 84404