Yellow Dendric Agate

Yellow Dendric Agate

Yellow Dendritic Agate combines two very powerful stones, Dendrites which are the fern growth through his agate, and Yellow Agate.

Yellow Dendritic Agate For Sale Meaning

  Dendrites growing through another stone symbolize powerful roots that stand regardless of the hard stone around them, stopping emotional violations such as abuse, and trauma, while Yellow Agate increases one's Willpower and Resolve. The willpower that can allow one to break free of trauma past or present and the resolve to accept that they are human, and deserved to be loved.

“Try to come to a place where you accept your own imperfections. Where it's okay to be less than perfect. Because you are less than perfect; it‟s the human condition. And that's okay!” ~ Danu Morrigan

Yellow Dendritic Agate for Past Trauma

Keep this stone sitting on top of a soap dish filled with salt, on your nightstand. This way the Yellow Dendritic Agate can help to ease worries drains, and insomnia of past traumas and instill a new vigor for life and acceptance of one's self through resolve and willpower.

Yellow Dendritic Agate for Current Trauma

For current Traumas keep Yellow Dendritic Agate on one's self to defend against invasions of personal boundaries and to give one the willpower needed to keep going. Place this stone sitting on top of a soap dish filled with salt, on your nightstand at night to allow it to clear energies and assist with self-doubt and bad dreams at night.

Cleaning and Clearing Yellow Dendritic Agate

Set your Yellow Dendritic Agate stones in dry salt overnight to clear them, or recharge them by setting them out under a full moon overnight. I personally do both. I first clear the negative energies they can pick up by setting them in salt throughout the day and then leave them out in a full moon to recharge them.

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