The name Shattuckite is derived from the location of its discovery, at the Shattuck Mine in Bisbee, Arizona in 1915. When polished, Shattuckite produces a range of lovely shades of pale turquoise to deep blue combined with translucency.

Shattuckite, the Stone of Truth

Shattuckite is considered to be highly spiritual, bringing harmony and alignment to understanding what is seen in every-day life, and clearing blocks from metaphysical abilities brought on by past-life curses or demands of secrecy.

-Shattuckite for Channeling-

Shattuckite can ensure strong protection against entities controlling the physical form, and the high vibrations of the stone can help develop psychic abilities and produce clarity of truthful messages.

-Shattuckite for Speaking-

Because of its properties of truthfulness, Shattuckite can be used for clarity of thought when speaking to an audience, clearing nervousness and fear of expression, and enabling a sense of trust and honesty within those who are listening. It promotes concentration, open-mindedness, and its natural tendency of alignment brings the ability to consider all aspects of one's life circumstances.

-Shattuckite for Healing-

Because of its properties of positive alignment, Shattuckite can help minor health complaints and irritations by bringing the body back into its natural balance. It may help correct physical blockages such as blood clots or obstructions, as well as metaphysical blockages such as energy dissonance from complications in a past life and inability to communicate with spiritual entities.

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