Pyrite (sometimes called "fools gold") is a powerful protector. Both spiritually and physically Pyrite provides protection for those who hold or wear it.
Pyrite Stones with Meanings For Sale
Pyrite is no fool when it comes to sorting out energy blockages and getting rid of the negativity! This powerful protector aids in unblocking the fire within us.
Pyrite has a rare 'Male' Energy
“The stronger a man is, the more gentle he can afford to be” ― Elbert Hubbard
While many stones foster through gentle nurturing female energy Pyrite has a strong booming male energy. Pyrite promotes positivity by protecting against negative emotions and therefore can free one from their own blockages.
Pyrite for Confidence
Pyrite encourages self-confidence by fostering new ways of thinking and getting rid of old blockages that box in old thought processes. Our brains in some ways work the same way as computers, keeping a cashe of old information that we revert through old thought processes Pyrite encourages us to clear our own cashe (and with it the old blockages) leaving room for us to create new processes and connections.
Pyrite for Self Persistence
Pyrite is a stone of determination and persistence. It pulls energy from the earth to strengthen one's aura against negativity.
Drawing a strong male power from mother earth strengthens and fortifies the energy Pyrite creates around us. Strengthening one's aura, and our will to dispell negative energies.
Pyrite for Fire Energy
Use Pyrite to light your way! When you have specific goals you can use pyrite to get rid of old thought processes that hold you back and light your way to new goals! Place Pyrite pieces around the center of your goals, for education you can place it in your backpack and on your desk, for relationship goals put pyrite on photographs or hold in in photographs of your desired relationship, or create collages that represent your goals and add pyrite to them.