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Gem Silica Stones for Sale
Allowing ones self to feel peace is an incredible gift of self love and understanding. Gem Silica aids in emotional energy and allowing energies to flow freely through and around us. This includes feelings of peace, and feeling that do not belong to us and we tend to harbor.
“Energy is contagious, positive and negative alike. I will forever be mindful of what and who I am allowing into my space.” ~ Alex Elle
Allowing the passage of energies without harboring or collecting them allows your inner peace to shine!
Gem Silica in The Work Place
Keep this stone on your desk to allow other's frustrations, negativity, or overwhelming nature flow around you. Having this stone on your desk preferably kept in salt to keep it clean, will allow you to find your own balance, your own energies, and your own flow without the chaos of other's emotions entering your realm and overloading your natural energies flow, often causing distractions, frustrations, or a sudden feeling of being completely overwhelmed.
Gem Silica at Home
Gem Silica should be kept near the heaviest traffic spots in your house, and near your resting place. Rather you rest in a chair with a book, near the fire place, or you sink into a video game keep Gem Silica near where you rest so you can allow your own energies to work while allowing others to pass through or around you.
Gem Silica in The Work Place
Set your Gem Silica stones in dry salt overnight to clear them, or recharge them by setting them out under a full moon overnight. You can also clear them quickly with burning sage when you can feel they need to be cleared immediately. This stone may need to be cleared more often if constantly bombarded with negative energies.