Amethyst's name is derived from the Greek word "ametusthos" which loosely translates into "not intoxicated" and in legends, it was associated with the wine goddess Bacchus. Today Amethyst is known as the "all-healer" and is one of the most effective crystals for healing people, animals, and plants.
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Amethyst is an amazing healing tone that aids in healing from spiritual, emotional, and physical ailments. Amethyst can provide protection, especially by providing clear thought to avoid damaging situations.
Amethyst for Healing
What makes Amethyst so amazing and so attractive to many is that it can take negative energy and transform it into positive energy. Amethyst simply draws in anyone looking for positivity. ― The Crystal Barista
Amethyst an aid in healing by providing hope, calming energy, and simply a positive outlook on any situation. This amazing tone can transform any energy and provide the silver lining in every situation.
Amethyst for Protection
Amethyst provides protection to travelers, giving travelers a beautiful calm nature that allows any traveler to take in the scenes, enjoy the moment, and go with the flow. Amethyst protects against thieve and robbery, bury Amethyst in the corners of your hard, or place it near windows and doors in your home to protect it from robbery, as well as providing a beautiful calming nature. When wearing Amethyst it can provide protection from Psychic attacks.
Amethyst for Cleaning Energy Fields
Life is only as amazing as the chances taken. - Anonymous
Amethyst's calming, clearing, glowing energy provides clarity that can assist in seeing situations and emotions for what they truly are. This allows energy fields to become transparent and easily understood. Keep Amethyst near when planning new adventures, making big decisions, or when transitioning through grief.
Cleaning and Recharging Amethyst
Amethyst has the ability to absorb and regenerate the energies in other stones. Amethyst is fantastic at being able to clear its own energies and not need extensive cleansing. However, I would never recommend using stones continuously without allowing them to rest, clean, and recharge. Allow Amethyst to rest on a piece of Selenite for at least 6 hours at a time (a minimum of once a month, or after using it in a stressful situation). Since Amethyst holds water energy, rinse your amethyst in water to cleanse it, and allow it to rest in a window where the moonlight shines or set it outside under the moon.