10 Healing Properties of Calcite

10 Healing Properties of Calcite

Calcite is one of the most common minerals in the world, and it has many healing properties. This article will explore 10 different ways that calcite can heal your body. The first way is by improving blood circulation. Calcite has been known to increase blood flow and help with problems like arthritis which can cause stiffness in your joints. Calcite is also an excellent crystal for helping people who have low self-esteem, due to its ability to balance out emotions throughout the day. Another way that calcite heals is by strengthening bones due to its calcium content. Calcite also helps with insomnia, depression, and joint pain!

  1. Full body healing. 
  2. Aiding to ease arthritis and joint stiffness. 
  3. Raising self-esteem. 
  4. Balance emotions. 
  5. Increasing Calcium content.
  6. Alleviates insomnia. 
  7. Reduces depression. 
  8. Increases fertility. 
  9. Eases pregnancy risks and symptoms. 
  10. Creates connections to your spiritual realm.  

According to various cultures around the world Calcite is also known for its help with fertility. It is said that calcite can increase the chance of conceiving a child, and it can also reduce the chances of miscarriages. Lastly, calcite has been known to help people connect with their spiritual side. So if you are looking for a stone that can heal your body and spirit, then calcite is the right choice for you!

Our favorite is Blue Calcite, although the stunning Honey Comb Calcite from here in Utah is hard to beat. With dozens of colors and patterns of Calcite from around the world we wish you luck on your journey to find the perfect pieces for your collecting. 

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