Protects Joyful Energy - 3" Crystal Grid

Protects Joyful Energy - 3" Crystal Grid

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A Crystal Grid for Protecting Joyful Energy 
Pocket Grid Size: 3" 
Total Number of Stones: 7

About the Stones in this Grid: 
Black Tourmaline: Black Tourmaline acts as a shield placing a bubble of protection around those who work with it. This stone is known to protect against emotional, physical, and psychological attacks but it is most well known for protecting against ill intentions. Those who seek to tear down joy, or wish harm are said to be repelled by Black Touramline. 

Fire Agate: Fire Agate deflects negative or ill-intentions back to its source. This beautiful stone has a grounding and calming energy that acts as a protective shield while deflecting negativity away from it and placing back at its original source. 

This grid is designed as an ideal companion on your desk at work, or wherever negativity threatens your natural happiness. 

Medical Disclaimer: Crystal healing information is considered entertainment by the FDA and is not recognized as a source of medical treatment, prevention, or diagnosis. Energy and healing information about the stones mentioned in this description, on this site, or by The Crystal Barista and associates is not verified, vetted, or tested by the FDA and are not intended to be used in place of medical advice, or directives. For medical assistance please seek professional help from a registered and licensed doctor, or in the case of emergency please call 911.