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Crystal Festival Vendor Booth - November 18th & 19th

Crystal Festival Vendor Booth - November 18th & 19th

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Dates: November 18th and 19th 

Location: 1651 North 700 West, Layton, Utah 84041
Expected Audience According to Past Year: 6,000-12,000 attendees (expected based on past years but not guaranteed due to Covid-19)
Additional Activities: Rockhounding Trips Release Party, Little Rock Exchange, Silent Auction, Raffle Prizes, Kids Corner.

About This Show: 
We believe rocks should be fun! This means we believe that our show should be positive, fun, and emit happiness. For this reason, we will reject any application from any vendor that may dampen the 'fun' and 'happiness' of the show. Negativity towards the show, Davis Conference Center, other vendors, or how others enjoy their rocks, minerals, crystals, rockhounding, or lapidary practices will not be tolerated. 
  • There will be NO side tables in the aisles (only on corners) to make them more open and inviting (Except on the very ends, or endcap corners.) 
  • There will be 8 fewer vendor spaces, so we can put up our stage for the rockhounding kick-off party.  
  • If you have been sharing with a friend and you want to get one spot to guarantee the spot you want and split it we can send 2 invoices, just let us know, we are not against sharing the spots, THIS IS A COMMUNITY. 
  • If you choose to share your spot please let us know so we can announce BOTH of you! 
  • All spots include vendor announcements, if you want additional advertising we have a fabulous package for $25 we will feature you in our advertising, get to know your vendor games, etc! 
  • We are aware that this is an expensive show for many of you and we thank you for being with us! I want to clarify that I do not make money off the vendors, all the money from the vendors pays for the $14k+ bill from the venue, $3,000 advertising, snacks, having a few extra supplies on hand, and growing the show. We are not a traveling faire that makes all their money off the vendors and move on, we are a community and we are heavily invested in making it a great show for us too. We make our money at our own booth just like you! We work hard to educate and grow the rockhounding community just like you! And, we have a love and a passion for this just like we know you do. 


Vendor Booths & Pricing: 

$245 per 6' Table Booth
$350 per 10x7' on the wall (only 6 available) 
$450 per 16x7' on the wall (only 2 available) 
$400 for 2x 6' Table Booth 
$465 for 3x 6' Table Booth Corner Spot 
$620 for 4x 6' Table Booth Corner Spot 
$1000 for Sponsorship comes with a 4x 6' Table Booth Corner Spot Front Row 
Buy Your Booth Now! 



  • 2 LEFT! Corner Spot with 3 TABLES and 1 Side Tables (based on the spot you choose) That is a $600 to $650 Value! (You cannot take over someone else's grandfathered spot if they choose to be in it, sorry but we want to be fair to everyone). 
  • Your Logo and brand on our banners! 
  • Sponsorship signage in the kid's corner or on educational display as "Brought to you by ______." 

There is a maximum of 3 sponsorships and, the additional money will actually go directly to fund the kid's corner or educational display of your choice. And, your name will stay on it even after THIS SHOW! Currently, we are looking to do an old western slush box gold panning dig ($3200 sponsorship), a Display of Utah Rocks and Minerals ($1000 Sponsorship), Rocks and Mineral Classes for Kids & Scouts 2's a day ($1000 Sponsorship). If you are interested in one of these please reach out. 

Electricity is $65 for a booth if ordered with the booth or $85 to add on later (The venue is charging a change fee). 

Additional Advertising:
Video Spotlight $25
Sponsorship $1000


6' Table Space: $50
There are only 3 of these spaces available, you must have your own 6' table and chair. Jr. Rock Hounds must be producing their own rock, geology, or crystal related product. Jr. Rock Hounds must adhere to all show rules, great customers, and be able to handle money or have a parent/guardian with them at all times who can.


The Crystal Festival Show Provides:
Vendor spotlights, vendor bios, Facebook advertising, Twitter advertising, Instagram advertising, printed advertising, and website advertising. The Facebook page is: official event website is: Please provide a bio below and email photographs to be used in vendor spotlights to Adrienne at For spotlight videos please select that below and we will reach out to schedule a time.



Rules of Conduct for all Vendors:
We will only accept vendors whose products and services fall into the following categories: 1. Rocks/Minerals/Fossils 2. Metaphysical Products 3. Rock Hounding Trips & Expeditions 4. Rock Hounding or Collecting Tools 5. Lapidary 6. Crystal Products 7. Jewelry Products or Services. 8. Witchy Products 

Vendor Attitude Agreement:
Please see the information about the show and know that in order to participate in this show you must agree to maintain a positive attitude towards the show, other vendors, our host, the Davis Conference Center, The Crystal Barista, rockhounding in general, and how everyone at the show chooses to enjoy their own collection.

Vendor Time Agreement:
Set up is from 8 am to 10 am. The show opens at 10 am and will stay open until 8 pm. YOU MUST STAY SET UP DURING THE ENTIRE SHOW! Anyone who takes down early will not be allowed to come back to the show in the future (this was and will continue to be an annual show). All vendors must be clear of the Davis Conference Center by 9:30 pm, with your area swept clean.

Payment & Cancelation Agreement:
Payment is due at the time of application acceptance. You may NOT sell your booth space to another vendor without approval, however, if you are applying with another vendor to share a space that is fine. Please see Covid-19 information before deciding to share space.! All vendor space is specific to the application turned in. Refunds are not offered except in the case of show cancelation.

Checkout & Taxes:
This show is NOT a central checkout show. You MUST be able to take your own payments from clients, and you are responsible for filing show taxes for this show with the state of Utah.

Exiting The Show:
To exit the show after packing up, please check out with a show coordinator and make sure your area is left swept clean.

Food and Beverages:
Davis Conference Center asks the general public that no outside food or drink be brought in to their facility. Because of this, they ask that vendors make sure it is out of sight of the public eye. So if you have a sack lunch please keep it under your table or out of view. Please no pizza boxes, or large wrapper mess.

Security of Your Booth:
If Davis Conference Center or The Crystal Barista decides that a booth causes a security issue they may ask you to move, remove items from your booth, or leave the show. Prohibited booth items include but are not limited to Open Flames, Tasers, Open Liquids, Items or displays that project into the aisle, Adult Novelty items, and any item that may cause harm to others.

Personal Property Loss Waiver:
Any personal property of you or your guests or anyone in your party that is lost, stolen, or damaged is not the responsibility of The Crystal Barista, The Crystal Festival, or Davis Conference Center. The Crystal Barista, The Crystal Festival, and/or Davis Conference Center do not maintain insurance covering guests and vendors' loss. If you are concerned about loss you MUST purchase your own show insurance plan.

Indemnification for Non-disclosure:
Vendors of The Crystal Festival shall defend The Crystal Festival and The Crystal Barista and its directors, officers, and employees from and against all allegations, claims, actions, suits, demands, damages liabilities, obligations, losses, settlements, judgments, costs, and expenses (including without limitation attorney's fees and costs) which arise out of, relate to, or result from any action or omission of vendors and guest.

Impossibility of Performance/Stustitue Performance:
No damages shall be due for a failure of performance due to acts of God, war, terrorist acts, government regulations, riots, disaster, or strikes any one of which may make performance impossible, or due to restrictions on commodities or supplies. If, for any reason, The Crystal Festival is not available for the Event, the Crystal Festival and Davis Conference Center may reschedule, cancel, or change spaces. The Crystal Festival, The Crystal Barista, and The Davis Conference Center will not be held liable for any damages for damages, cost of advertising, loss of sales, or conflict on rescheduling.

Legal Information:
This contract is made and to be performed in Layton, Utah, and shall be governed by all construed in accordance with Utah Law. By executing this agreement I (name at the end of this application) with the company (listed at the end of this application) consent to the exercise of personal jurisdiction over it by the courts of the state of Utah which shall be where any litigation relating to this contract in any way shall occur.  This contract is the entire agreement between the parties for the privilege of vending goods and services at The Crystal Festival LLC. Vendors may not assign any benefits arising under or associate in any way with this contract without prior written consent from The Crystal Barista and The Crystal Festival.  In the vent of litigation, the prevailing party therein shall recover its attorneys' fees and costs.


Email Adrienne at for booth approval prior to purchasing. Only booths with crystal, rocks, minerals, fossils, gem crafts, mining, lapidary, Metaphysical, and related products and or services will be approved.


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