6 Week Geology Course - April 6th

6 Week Geology Course - April 6th

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About the Course:

This is a full practical geology course! We will cover rocks, minerals, and fossils. How we use rocks and minerals every day, rocks and minerals we eat and deadly rocks and minerals. We will cover some of Utah's history, mining history, and mining urban legends. This course is designed to engage kids and adults (if parents want to sit in) to learn and ENJOY geology! Once you sign up you will get a link to a google classroom, and an invoice. Invoices are due upon receipt. I have a limit of 35 students per track so that I can answer questions. Students are encouraged to talk, engaged and ask questions please make sure they have access to a mic (they can type into chat if they do not have a mic). Class will meet Thursday mornings but we will have a classroom discussion going all week! 

I do not strictly enforce and age group for this class, however, due to the vocabulary and experiments my recommended age range is 8-18. That being said I have had children as young as 5 enjoy these classes (I have also had some feel overwhelmed so please judge your student's interest).

$300 for the 1st Student in a Family Including a Geology Core Kit
$100 per each additional Student Including a Geology Supplemental Kit
***My classes are reimbursable through MTH***

What's Included:
There will be a kit of rocks, minerals, fossils, and geology tools, workbooks, and pages including fun things like rocks you can taste, a UV light, a pocket microscope, geodes to break open, and more! The core kit has sharable resources and each additional student in the same family will get some of the unique kit pieces they need for their own use to follow along. If you want separate core kits for each student there is a place to add the full kit at the bottom. ***Kits will arrive the week before your class!***

These kits are not your standard educational kits! I include things like Kaolinite (the main clay making up Wendy's Frosties), Gemstones such as Rubies, Fluorescent Samples, UV Light, and much much more!

I arrange rockhounding trips for families of my students! If you would like to get to join us for FREE rockhounding trips they are FREE! Come rockhounding with us and learn even more about geology while collecting rocks!

I run the Crystal Festival in Layton annually the next one is November 5th and 6th. Children enrolled as students in these classes (any track) will get free passes to the Kid's Corner Activities at The Crystal Festival!

Week 1 - Definition & Explanation of Rocks and Minerals/The Rock Cycle is a Chocolate Chip Cookie Volcano
Week 2 - All About Fossils!
Week 3 - How we use minerals everyday.
Week 4 - Deadly Minerals
Week 5 - Fluorescent Minerals & Why they Fluoresce
Week 6 - All About Geodes

Each class is taught at 9am MST on Thursday and lasts 45 minutes. You do not have to be in Utah to take my classes just please convert the time to make sure you know when they are.  I have a limit of 35 students per track so that I can answer questions. Tracks will close as they fill up. These classes always fill up so register soon. GOOGLE CLASSROOMS TO START GETTING TO KNOW EACHOTHER WILL START JUNE 1ST BUT NO OFFICLAL CLASSES WILL START UNTIL AUGUST. STAY ENGAGED ALL SUMMER!

An introduction to myself:
My name is Adrienne McElwain, I run the Crystal Barista rock shop online, and the Crystal Festival Annual Rock Show. I grew up in my father's rock shop (Rockpick Legend Co.) in Salt Lake City. I have offered free geology classes to classrooms across the Wasatch Front for over 15 years, however, as I was homeschooled and I homeschool my children so they can travel the world with me rock hounding and exploring I wanted to give back to the homeschool community. I have taught a variety of geology classes in public classrooms, colleges, preschools, and for Scout Groups. Here i wanted to combine the best of the best, and the most fun of these classes and topics. I have put together in-depth kits for a more interactive experience and chosen to use the platform Zoom for the safest experience for all the children involved. The kits are entirely optional, you are welcome to attend my classes without purchasing anything from me, however, selling these kits even at a deep discount helps me fund doing these classes and will help me to be able to offer more classes in the future. If these classes are popular I will offer them again, and offer more. Thank you!

Contact me with questions:
Adrienne McElwain

It breaks my heart to be sending this out, however, I now must make a policy about refunds and canceled orders. I have had several families no show to various classes or trips, sign up for all the trips and then later decide which one they wanted to be on and cancel out the others, and sign up and pay for classes and then ask for refunds because they did not carefully read the information in the google document etc.

I arrange rockhounding trips for families of my students! If you would like to get to join us for FREE rockhounding trips they are FREE! Come rockhounding with us and learn even more about geology while collecting rocks!

Make-Up Classes:
If you signed up for one of my classes before and need to do makeup classes please email and I'll add you to the ones you need :)

To take my classes in person:
I teach these classes In-Person through ConnectEd and OWLs Coops. To take these classes in person please consider joining these co-ops.


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