Stones for Love & Long Lasting Relationships - Crystal Healing Set

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Stones for Love an Long Lasting Relationships Crystal Healing Set
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Stones for Love - Crystal Healing Set 
5 Piece Stone Set 

About: Each stone comes labeled with information about the stone, and how to use it. This set comes in a 4x6 organza bag with each stone individually bagged and labeled making it the perfect gift for anyone getting started in crystal healing, interested in learning more about crystals, or that just needs a little extra love in their life. 

Amethyst: Amethyst is a protective stone that expels negative emotions and thoughts including stress, anxiety, self-doubt, and body shaming. This stone can help to strengthen loving relationships with one's self or others by offering a feeling of abundance and protecting against negative emotions that cause harm to one's self and one's relationships. 

Blue Agate: Blue Agate is a wonderful healing stone that can neutralize anger, calm deep emotions, and bring peaceful calm communication. Blue Agate fosters love and brings about forgiveness and the ability to start over in almost any situation, held near the heart it can connect one to the unconditional love of the universe. 

Red Jasper: Red Jasper is a stone of fiery passion and a token to all who seek love. Red Jasper aids in creating connections, finding your passions, while grounding one to the earth. This stone aids in creating meaningful, healthy, long-lasting relationships as it offers guidance and grounding to the lower three chakras while invoking passion. 

Rose Quartz: Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love. It brings peace as it opens the heart up to receive and give love. While most people are stronger at either receiving or giving love Rose Quartz can bring balance to this and aid in understanding both when someone is giving love, and when someone is in need of love. This unconditional love can be romantic, or aid in family ties, bonding between parents and children and is a great aid when bonding with new family members. 

Black Tourmaline: Black Tourmaline is an energy purifier. This stone purifies old energies, old wounds, old arguments, and even backed up emotions that block the way for long-lasting healthy relationships. Keep one Black Tourmaline in your pocket, purse, or near you and give the other to the person you are trying to connect with rather it is a significant other, boss, child, in-law, sibling or anyone else. Purifying the energy between the two of you, and breaking down walls that would prevent long-lasting loving relationships. 

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**Claims about gemstone meanings, crystal healing, and crystal energies are based on lore and are not meant to diagnose, treat, or prevent any illness or medical condition. Do not use stones in place of doctors' advice or recommendations. If you are in danger or feel you may be suffering from any emotional or physical illness please seek professional medical help.**

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