Stones for Calmness & Relaxation - Crystal Healing Set

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Stones for Calmness & Relaxation Crystal Set
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Stones for Calmness and Relaxation - Crystal Healing Set 
5 Piece Stone Set 

About: Each stone comes labeled with information about the stone, and how to use it. This set comes in a 4x6 organza bag with each stone individually bagged and labeled making it the perfect gift for anyone getting started in crystal healing, interested in learning more about crystals, or that just needs a little extra love in their life. 

Emerald: Emerald naturally addresses the body's response to stress and anxiety and brings about soothing calm energy giving the nerves the ability to release endorphins caused by stress responses. The color of the natural unheated emerald causes the eye to relax and reset and is believed to alleviate eye strain. 

Copper: Copper amplifies intentional thought through its electrical energy and thus calms down other unnecessary and unintentional thought patterns that cloud judgment and interfere with decision making or rest. Knowing what one's own intentional thought creates better self-esteem and a more calming atmosphere. 

Hiddenite: Hiddenite is a stone of mood. It lifts one's personal mood and helps to open the chakras, healing old emotions that have blocked one's ability to be calm and relax by causing stress and anxiety. Old emotions get stuck causing anxiety or panic attacks, once these passageways have been cleared the anxiety no longer builds up. 

Apache Tear: Apache Tears are linked to psychic protection, protecting one from picking up other's uncalming energies. Many of the energies that cause stress, anxiety, and panic are not actually ours. They belong to others and are picked up by proximity or empathy. Protecting one's own psyche is extremely important when developing a calm relaxed nature. 

Amethyst: Amethyst is a protective stone that expels negative emotions and thoughts including stress, anxiety, self-doubt, and body shaming. This stone can help with relaxation by releasing anxiety and stress, it can also assist in bringing about a calming nature through protecting against negative energies and influences. 

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**Claims about gemstone meanings, crystal healing, and crystal energies are based on lore and are not meant to diagnose, treat, or prevent any illness or medical condition. Do not use stones in place of doctors' advice or recommendations. If you are in danger or feel you may be suffering from any emotional or physical illness please seek professional medical help.**

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