Rock & Mineral Kit

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This is the kit to be used with our Zoom Classes or on your own! 
These sample pieces are ideal for identifying distinguishing characteristics of Igneous, Sedimentary, and Metamorphic rocks as well as minerals! 

3 Igneous Rocks
3 Metamorphic Rocks
3 Sedimentary Rocks
3 Minerals 
and a BONUS Surprise 
Each sample is labeled with fun facts and extra information! 

Did you know? 
A mineral is an inorganic, homogenized, solid, with a defined chemical composition, and a set crystal structure! Sounds complicated? It's not! It's actually really simple. A rock is just 2 or more minerals mixed together. If you can make cookies and milk as a snack you can learn all about rocks and minerals in my brand new Zoom Geology classes! In fact we use making as the perfect example of how rocks and minerals are classified! 

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