Rainbow Iridescent Spectro Pyrite Cabochon - 14mm Round

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Rainbow Iridescent Spectro Pyrite Cabochon
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Rainbow Iridescent Spectro Pyrite Cabochon 
From: Russia 
Size: 14mm Round

Pyrite: Pyrite is no fool when it comes to sorting out energy blockages and getting read of negativity. This powerful protector aids in unblocking the fire within us. Spector Pyrite is extremely rare and appears with a rainbow irradiance over tiny crystals similar to druzy. Read more about Pyrite's meanings, uses, and lore on our blog here... 

Cabochons: The term Cabochon refers to the shape of this stone. Flat on back and domed on top making cabochons ideal for palm stones, wire wrapping, silversmithing, jewelry making, and placing on the body for crystal healing body processes. 

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