Hidden Crystal High Potency Full Spectrum CBD Bath Bomb - Solid Color

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Hidden Crystal Bath Bombs - CBD Infused
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Hidden Crystal CBD Bath Bombs!
High Potency Full Spectrum CBD Bath Bombs $10 each

Each of these large bath bombs has a crystal, or gemstone hidden inside! The gemstones are placed in a waterproof case so they don't get lost in the bath. Every Bath Bomb is made to order. You can choose from the following solid colors and essential oil scents:

- Sky Blue
- Ocean Foam Teal
- Mint Green
- Lemon Zest Yellow
- Snow
- Amethyst Purple

Essential Oils & Blends:
- Breath Easy
- Lavender
- Pink Pepper
- Lemon Grass & Eucalyptus
- Cinnamon & Holly
- No Scent

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