Fulgurite *Lightning Strike* Mineral from: Utah - 4" Long

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Fulgurite *Mineral created by lightning strike* 
From: Milford, Utah
Size: 4" Long x 2" Wide

Fulgurite: Fulgurite is a natural mineral that forms unlike any other mineral on earth. Most minerals take thousands, if not millions of years to form. However, Fulgurite is formed instantaneously when lightning strikes silica-rich sand or soil, melting the ground and fusing the silica into a natural glass. Some Fulgurites have concrete or other stone that were in the ground when lighting struck permanently fused to them. The only other stone formed similarly are tektites which form instantly when a meteorite strikes the earth and the impact creates naturally fused glass. Examples of these tektites include Libian Glass and Moldavite. 

Mineral Specimens: Collector and fine mineral specimens are specimens cleaned, and ready to display. These specimens are not used for their commercial uses and are fine examples of the mineral or minerals being represented. Mineral specimens illustrate crystal formations and are collected for their natural beauty. 

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