Fossil Collection

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This is the kit to be used with our Zoom Classes or on your own! 
These sample pieces are ideal for identifying distinguishing characteristics of various prehistoric life! 

Opalized Ammonite
Cross Section Ammonite
Fossil Algae (Stromatolite) 
Turtella Jasper
Dinosaur Bone
Sharks Teeth
and a BONUS Surprise 
Each sample is labeled with fun facts and extra information! 

Did you know? 
Rocks and fossils are great record keepers, in fact they recorded history wonderfully for us! We know what diseases dinosaurs got by the traces left in their bones? And, we can figure out what dinosaurs were eating from the coprolite they left behind (petrified dinosaur dung!). Did you know that Amber is still forming everyday? And it's trapping new insects and new pieces of history. And, even more fun is that trapped inside rocks is pockets of water that has been there for 250 million years! When we break these pockets open in a controlled lab we can tell how much CO2 was in the air, and what minerals were in the water at the time the rock formed! Come learn even more fun prehistoric facts in my brand new Zoom classes! 

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