Fantom Rose Quartz Cabochon - 36mm Tall

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Natural Phantom Rose Quartz Gemstone Cabochon
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Fantom Rose Quartz Cabochon 
From: Pakistan 
Size: 36mm x 23mm 

Rose Quartz: Natural Rose Quartz refers to a light pink to a vivid deep pink variety of Quartz found in North Dakota, Brazil, Madagascar and throughout other parts of the world. This beautiful Quartz gets its pink color primarily from trace amounts of Iron, Titanium, and Magnesium trapped inside the quartz. To learn about the meaning of Rose Quartz it's crystal healing properties, and the lour surrounding this beautiful stone read my blog here

Cabochons: The term Cabochon refers to the shape of this stone. Flat on back and domed on top making cabochons ideal for palm stones, wire wrapping, silversmithing, jewelry making, and placing on the body for crystal healing body processes. 

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