Dragon Scale Agate Drilled Cabochon - 42mm Tall

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Dragon Scale Agate Designer Drilled Cabochon
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Dragon Scale Agate Drilled Designer Cabochon
From: Brazil
Size: 42mm Tall 

Dragon Scale Agate: Dragon Scale Agate is the Agate of Honesty. Dragon Scale Agate assists in letting go of emotions that hold back one's true honestly. Emotions like the embarrassment of who we are, the guilt of who others want us to be, the social conditioning of how we 'should' be, as well as other emotions lying to our spirits. Wearing this stone can release our true honesty and free one to experience their unblocked self. 

Cabochons: The term Cabochon refers to the shape of this stone. Flat on back and domed on top making cabochons ideal for palm stones, wire wrapping, silversmithing, jewelry making, and placing on the body for crystal healing body processes. This is a drilled cabochon and can be turned into a pendant with a jewelry finding called an 'Ice-Pick'. 

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