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Topaz & Red Beryl: May 16th – 17th

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Your Price: $180.00
Guided Red Beryl & Topaz Rock Hounding Trip
Part Number: EX002
Availability: $4.95 Ticketing Fee Applies Free Shipping.

Gift Certificate Information

Where to: Thomas Range
May 16th – 17th
Price: $180 PP
Age Restrictions: Children use to rockhounding. 
Vehicle Restriction: 4x4 or truck needed.
Find: Topaz, Red Beryl and Other Minerals
Tools Needed: Rock hammer, Screw Drivers, Hand-Lens, Black Light, Wrapping Materials, Screen, Other.

More Information: Camp or drive out each day it’s up to you. We suggest staying the night but you certainly do not have to. This is 2 different mines, one each day, or you can visit 1 mine both days. The mining sites we will be visiting are the Solar Wind Claim, and what use to be called the Holfert Pit but has now been expanded! You can find Holfertite, Red Beryl, Topaz, Garnet, and other minerals at these locations. We will have 3 guides to help with these trips and help you get the most out of your time and money. 

Refund Policy on Trips: We are proud to offer many free trips where the landowners, or mine owners are not charging us to come out and collect. We have spent over 20 years arranging trips with mine/land-owners. Any paid trips means that the land or mine owner is charging a fee to close down their production for the day and allow us to come out and collect. Because this money collected is passed onto the landowner and they are preparing for our arrival no refunds will be issued for any trip, except in the case that Rick or the land/mine owner needs to chancel the trip due to weather, or other conditions. For free trips, if you are signed up and fail to cancel within 48 hours of the trip you will be removed from all other free trips to make space for other rock hounds. This measure is meant to make sure that all rock hounds who want to attend can attend our free trips. 

Trip Rules: Please understand that trips are meant to be educational, family-friendly, safe, and fun! We offer these trips as a service and that they are non-refundable and non-transferable. If you sign up for FREE trips and do not attend, you will be taken off all future free trips without refund or compensation. All trips are taken with the intent and purpose of finding the stated materials, but NO finds are guaranteed. No compensation will be offered for trips where find expectations are not met, except with the explicit OFFER from the mine or claim owner which cannot be expected or solicit. No animals, No smoking, No explicit language, NO drugs, and No Alcohol and no damaging, disrespectful, or explicit demeanor on any trip! All rules must be followed, or you will be asked to leave the trip without compensation or refund.

Private Trips or Questions: Call Rick at 801-910-6958

TRIP TICKETS are OFFERED As GIFT CERTIFICATES and can be purchased for yourself or any other rock hound you choose! You do not need to bring a copy of your gift certificate with you, as we will have a copy on the trip with us. If you would like to avoid the $4.95 ticketing fee you may pay through family/friends via paypal, or through venmo by contacting us via email at [email protected] or by calling Rick at 801-910-6958 to sign up and pay.